Welcome Aboard!

My USS NORTH DAKOTA  blog is now officially underway.  Welcome aboard!

My plan is to keep the readers of this blog up to date about what’s happening with the USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784) and our USS North Dakota Committee.  After 23 years of persistence and quite a little work, with a final push from Senator Byron Dorgan, we finally got a second ship named after our Great State of North Dakota in the summer of 2008 when then Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter announced that submarine hull number SSN-784 would be named NORTH DAKOTA.

This nuclear powered submarine is currently under construction at General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB) in Groton CT with sections of the “boat” being constructed in Newport News VA and Quonset Point RI.  It is the first Block III submarine in the VIRGINIA Class of submarines.  It will be the most advanced ship in the Navy when it is commissioned in 2014.  It is 377 feet long and 34 feet in diameter with a likely crew size of 120 enlisted men and 14 officers.  It will displace 7900 tons of sea water, and when it gets underway after it is commissioned it will cruise the oceans for 33 years without ever refueling.

With this brief introduction done I will blog more about what we know is happening with NORTH DAKOTA’s construction, its crew, our committee and all the events surrounding our second US Navy ship!  We are all very excited!



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