Last Friday we received a visit from the Commissioning Support Team (CST).  Commissioning Director Paul Stanton and Senior Advisor Bill Huesmann explained to us what’s involved in the commissioning NORTH DAKOTA in 2014.  The CST is funded by the Navy and its job is to help the sponsoring committees put on an outstanding commissioning.  They provided us with 30 informative slides in a SSN-784 pictorial Brief.

It was fascinating to learn how and why the Navy expanded its ship commissionings to better reach out to the people interested in and concerned with each new ship.  The Navy has tried to get the commissionings out to various port cities to involve as many people as possible.  Although NORTH DAKOTA regrettably cannot be commissioned in one of our fine North Dakota river cities, the Navy and our boat will work with us to get the commissioning held in an appropriate venue.

Our USS North Dakota Committee appreciates making contact with the CST this early in the commissioning process as we know it will help us do a much better job of hosting an outstanding commissioning of USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784) in 2014!


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