I am very pleased to share with you comments from Katie Fowler, our boat’s sponsor, along with some family submarine pictures drawn by her children when they were in school.  Here is a photo of Katie with her husband Vice Admmiral Jeff Fowler, U.S. Navy (Ret) on her right and North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley on her left taken on the launch of the second of our USS North Dakota Commitee’s plannned set of four coins.

As the sponsor of  USS North Dakota, I am delighted to share a couple of pictures that represent my pride in North Dakota’s recently unveiled crest.  I wasted no time framing the crest and proudly displayed it in my house, next to other special submarine commemoratives.  The framed crest is next to a precious submarine picture my son, Connor, drew in the first grade.  Although Connor will never become a submariner, he will always have a special place in his heart for those affiliated with submarines.  Connor just started his freshman year at college.  My daughter, Lynsee, also created a submarine for an art class when she was in the eighth grade.  This assignment  required the student’s to intertwine their names with something; she chose a submarine.  Lynsee is my maid of honor for USS North Dakota.  Having their father as a career submariner had a great impact on their lives.  I hope these pictures help illustrate how special and significant it is for me to be the sponsor of USS North Dakota.


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