Thanks to my friend and fellow Navy League Member M. Darrell Williams who sent me this link to some great Navy photos.  It’s enough to  make you want to re-enlist!


For all those of you who were going to vote with me for MONTANA as the name for SSN-791, please be advised that we are all too late.  Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has named SSN-791 the DELAWARE with Dr. Jill Biden as the sponsor. It’s the seventh ship named for the State of Delaware, while Montana has had two ships named after it.

A little history.  The sixth ship named DELAWARE was the lead ship of the DELAWARE Class, which ships were the first real US Navy battleships.  The 1st NORTH DAKOTA was the second ship in the DELAWARE Class, but she was actually launched before DELAWARE on November 10, 1908, at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company of Quincy MA.  DELAWARE was launched on February 6, 1909, by the Newport News Shipbuilding Company, but she was commissioned on April 4, 1910, seven days ahead of NORTH DAKOTA which was commissioned on April 11, 1910.  The sixth DELAWARE was decommissioned on November 10, 1923, while the first NORTH DAKOTA was decommissioned on November 22, 1923, so she actually had only 5 more days of commissioned service than the DELAWARE.


USS NORTH DAKOTA going through the Panama Canal in 1923.

We welcome DELAWARE as the last of the eight Block III VIRGINIA Class submarines.

Have a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


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