Our new USS NORTH DAKOTA T-shirts are available in either blue or white, long sleeve or short sleeve, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.  Two of the folded T-shirts are shown here with an additional item – a decal of the crest laying on the white T-shirt.  The decal is $5, the short sleeve T-shirts are $25 and the long sleeve T-shirts are $30.

You can buy USS NORTH DAKOTA merchandise at this link:

T-shirts together R

The long sleeve in white showing the logo on the front.

T-shirt front R

The long sleeve T-shirt in blue with the crest on the back.

T-shirt back R

Here are some photos provided by General Dynamics Electric boat (GDEB) of the arrival in Groton Ct of the bow supermodule from Newport News VA.

This shows the barge with the bow supermodule up against the pier for off loading.  The yellow transporter is on the pier.

003_784 section 1 R

This photo is looking into the barge with the yellow transporter moved into place under the bow supermodule on the barge.

011_784 section 1 R

This photo taken on the barge shows the supermodule starting to move off of the barge on top of the yellow transporter.

016_784 section 1 R

This guy has a great job as he gets to drive the transporter carrying the bow supermodule off of the barge.  You can see the hydraulic jacks on the transporter extended up enough to lift the bow supermodule off of its resting place on the barge.

024_784 section 1 R

In this photo the bow supermodule is on the pier.  You should be able to see the wheels on the transporter turned to manuever the bow supermodule.

035_784 section 1 R

It looks like the bow supermodule will be moved into the hangar at some point.

072_784 section 1 R

In the mean time it looks like the bow supermodule is being placed on supports on the pier.  Notice the wood shimes on the supports.

073_784 section 1 R

From my point of view things seem like they are really moving along.  I suspect the Navy and GDEB will soon set the christening date firmly set so we can all make plans to be there for the christening.  If you want to attend the christening go to the upper right hand corner of this blog and sign up.


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