On Friday, March 15th, NORTH DAKOTA’s Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Jeremiah Minner, successfully completed his assignment with our boat and he was releived by Lieutenant Commander Kris Lancaster. Early on I received his permission to call him XO, a term of respect I developed for my first Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander C.E. Hi Gurney on board USS LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG-8). XO Minner has done a great job in helping NORTH DAKOTA get ready for commissioning and for her thrity-three years of service at sea in the United States Navy. I particularly appreciate his very productive visit to Fargo last May with the resulting excellent publicity he generated for our boat, bringing the people of the great state of North Dakota closer to our boat, USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784), the second U.S. Navy ship to be named for our state.

LCDR Jeremiah Minner R

Lieutenant Commander Jeremiah Minner

In an email to our USS North Dakota Committee XO Minner wrote, “I am being relieved as Executive Officer today by Kris Lancaster.  As I transfer and move out, I wanted to personally thank each of you for your support of the ship and crew and the excitement you bring to the process of ship building.  I have never seen as much positive involvement between a crew and her namesake state support group.  My next duty station will be a temporary assignment to COMSUBDEVRON TWELVE TACTICAL ANALYSIS GROUP and my permanent assignment will be an Exchange Officer in Halifax, Nova Scotia beginning in AUG 2013, for three years.  Tracy and I are looking forward to the move and saddened that we have to leave the NORTH DAKOTA.  I hope we are able to keep in touch and I intend to travel to Christening and Commissioning as my Canadian schedule allows.  Again, thank you for your support and friendship.”

His relief as XO, LCDR Kris Lancaster has already visited North Dakota when he was temporarily assigned to NORTH DAKOTA awaiting his opportunity to attend the Submarine Command Course in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which he recently successfully completed.  Lieutenant Commander Lancaster was in Grand Forks and Fargo with Master Chief Jim Lucky last October during which visit they generated lots of great publicity for NORTH DAKOTA.  This photo is of his on air interview on KNOX Radio in Grand Forks.


In an email LCDR Lancaster wrote, “I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the face of the USS NORTH DAKOTA in the minds of people up there, and vice versa.  As Jeremiah said, this is the best relationship between a namesake state and I boat that I have ever seen, and I want to keep it that way.”

All of us on our USS North Dakota Committee join in wishing Lieutenant Commander Jeremiah Minner a fond “Farewell” with best wishes for continued success in his Navy career!  And we also join in a warm “Welcome Aboard” for Lieutenant Commander Kris Lancaster!




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