We’ve gotten a few more photos of the Saturday, April 13th visit on board NORTH DAKOTA by our Ship’s Sponsor Katie Fowler and her husband Jeff.  All of these photos are the copyrighted property of General Dynamics Electric boat (GDEB). They were cleared by GDEB security and they are used with permission.  They were provided by Bob Hamilton of GDEB.

I was excited to view these photos because they are the first views I have had of NORTH DAKOTA’s interior, and they clearly show that everything is coming together nicely.  This first photo is of Katie and Jeff looking into the Lockout Trunk which allows Special Operations Forces to be locked out and in as they do their missions.

020_Fowler Visit_13R

These next two photos were taken in the Control Room.   L to R are Mike Nowak, the Ship’s manager; LCDR Kris Lancaster, the XO; Jeff & Katie; and CDR Gordon, the CO.

032_Fowler Visit_13R

035_Fowler Visit_13R

This photo was taken in the Wardroom with Jeff, Katie and Mike Nowak.

040_Fowler Visit_13R

This photo was taken in the Mess Decks with L to R Mike Nowak, LCDR Lancaster, CDR Gordon, Katie and Jeff Fowler.

057_Fowler Visit_13R

This final photo follows up on the May 11, 2012, Keel laying Ceremony when Katie Fowler initialed a metal plate and her initials were then welded onto the metal plate.  As you can us Katie is now a permanent part of NORTH DAKOTA.


047_Fowler Visit_13R

NORTH DAKOTA is getting more and more ready to be launched everyday.  Hopefully she will be in the water by the end of September.


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