We now have very nice ship’s crest patches for USS NORTH DAKOTA available for $5 each.  See this among the merchandise on the right side of this blog.  Attached is a scan of the patch. It is 5 and 1/8 inches tall and 3 and 1/8 inches wide.

Crest patch R

General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB) has confirmed to Senator Hoeven that NORTH DAKOTA will be christened by our Ship’s Sponsor Katie Fowler in Groton CT on Saturday morning, November 2nd,  So we are planning on that date even though GDEB has not made a formal announcement of the christening date.  We have arranged a very nice tour including an invitation to the christening.  Watch this blog for further information.  There will be limited space.  We cannot get as many invitations for people as we would like due to limited seating at the christening event as the christening is mainly for GDEB employees who built NORTH DAKOTA.  GDEB is in charge of the invitations and any events surrounding the christening , while our USS North Dakota Committee will be in charge of the invitations and events surrounding the commissioning so we will be able to have lots of people attend the commissioning in 2014.

We expect that NORTH DAKOTA will be launched (“float off”) at the end of August.  After she is launched she will power up and do various tests in September and October so she will be ready to be christened in the water alongside the pier on November 2nd.

Isn’t this all very exciting as we get closer to USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784) joining the fleet!


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