Our USS North Dakota Committee is hosting a lunch on May 31st at noon at the Marriott Hotel in Groton/Mystic CT for those people who had made plans for the orginally scheduled May 31st commissioning date and who chose not to change their plans. Quite a few people had made vacation plans with scheduled time off from work as well as having my flight arrangements that would have resulted in $200 per person for cancellation fees.

It will be a nice event hosted by our USSND Committee Vice Chairman Bill Butcher. Our Commanding Officer Captain Doug Gordon and his wife Christine will attend as will the Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Kris Lancaster and his wife Karen along with Electronics Technician Master Chief Petty Officer Tim Preabt, the Chief of the Boat (COB) and his wife Linda. The guests will be briefed on the status and capabilities of the boat.

USS NORTH DAKOTA’s officers and crew have planned a day of activities including a visit to the “NAUTILUS and Submarine Force Museum” and a tour of our boat.

In the mean time the Navy is working on a new commissioning date.


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