Secretary of State Al Jaeger shared this article he found in today’s FORUM.


Navy accepts delivery of PCU North Dakota

GROTON, Conn. – The U.S. Navy recently accepted delivery of the submarine PCU North Dakota, which when commissioned will be designated SSN 784.

The North Dakota is the 11th ship of the Virginia class.

The North Dakota is the first of eight Virginia class Block III ships. About 20 percent of the North Dakota was redesigned to lower costs and make it better suited to a wider array of missions.

Among the changes are a redesigned bow that replaces 12 individual missile launch tubes with two large tubes, each capable of launching six Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Last week, the North Dakota successfully completed Alpha, Bravo, and Board of Inspection and Survey trials, which evaluate the submarine’s seaworthiness and operational capabilities.

During the trials, the crew took the submarine to test depth, conducted an emergency surfacing, and tested the submarine’s propulsion plant.

The Navy postponed the North Dakota’s original May commissioning date because of quality issues with vendor-assembled and delivered components that required unplanned work in dry dock to correct. Added certification work was also needed on the sub’s redesigned bow.

The North Dakota will be commissioned Oct. 25 in Groton.

The acronym PCU stands for pre-commissioning unit. It’s the designation used for a ship or submarine before it is officially commissioned.


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