Great weather always helps, and Saturday, October 25th, at the US Naval Base in Groton, Connecticut, the weather was perfect!  The sun shining and the wind was very light making it a perfect day out on Pier 17 as the NORTH DAKOTA  was placed into active service with the World’s Greatest Navy as United States Ship NORTH DAKOTA – USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784)!

Everything went very well from the beginning Ship’s Sponsor’s Luncheon and boat tours on Friday afternoon through the Ship’s Party for the crew on Saturday evening.  Only I myself noticed a few insignificant mistakes, so I am happy to say we all did North Dakota proud!

Our USSND Committee had a  photographer taking lots of digital photos and when we sort them out we will post some of the photos on this blog.

Here is a link to the entire 80 minute commissioning ceremony recorded by the Navy.  Unfortunately the sound quality is not good as you have to turn your volume up full blast to even hear what was being said.

The KX network had several stories about the commissioning:  [this story includes footage from the November 2, 2013, christening]

KFYR TV had several stories:

Both television stations have more stories on their web sites at and  Just search for USS NORTH DAKOTA.





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