Scheels in Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck has generously agreed to sell all of our remaining USS North Dakota Committee merchandise at clearance prices.  This includes T-shirts, ship’s crest patches, and crest shaped coins with the boat’s crest on the front and a North Dakota image on the reverse.  These items will make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.  The display of this close out merchandise is just south of the registers on the entrance to Scheels inside Kirkwood Mall.

Edited DVDs of three events sponsored by our USS North Dakota Committee are available at Feist Electronics, 225 West Broadway Avenue, Bismarck ND 58501.  Each set of DVDs costs $19.99.  The first DVD is of the Chairman’s Dinner on Saturday, October 24, 2014, and includes the remarks of President Teddy Roosevelt as portrayed by Joe Wiegand who entertains in Medora during the summer as well as songs by the Elks Chorus and all of the various presentations.  The second DVD is of the very short program for the North Dakota Contingent Party on Saturday afternoon, October 25, 2014, and the Ship’s Party program on the evening of Saturday, October 25, 2014.  Also on this DVD is a program of pre-commissioning photos.  You can call Feist Electronics at 701-258-0065 or send an email to


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