Electronics Technician Master Chief Petty Officer Tim Preabt, the Chief of the Boat, USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784) is coming home to North Dakota for a visit.  He has been granted the rare privilege of giving remarks to both the North Dakota Senate and the North Dakota House of Representatives on Monday afternoon, February 9th.  He will talk to the Senate at 1:15 p.m. followed by remarks to the House of Representatives.  His wife Linda is coming with him.  She is from Williston.  Tim was born in Minot and he went to school in Williston and Mandan graduating from Mandan High School in 1989, after which he enlisted in the Navy.

ETMC Tim Preabt

Master Chief Preabt is the senior enlisted man on the boat and the only North Dakotan.  He was the first enlisted man assigned to the crew, and he has done a great job keeping the crew focused throughout the construction of the boat and during the sea trials to get ready to be brought into the active Navy.

Tim is going through the process of being relieved by Master Machinist Mate Chief Petty Officer Todd L. Estes.  Tim should be relieved on Thursday, February 5th, completing a very successful tour as NORTH DAKOTA’s COB.

On Monday morning, February 9th, Tim will be a guest at 8:40 a.m. on the PMS Show on KFYR 550 AM radio.  That Monday evening he will speak to the North Dakota Council of the Navy League of the United States at the Kelly Inn in Bismarck.  At 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 10th Tim and Linda will be at the Fyr’n Pan Restaurant in Fargo, after which he will be interviewed on Main Street on Prairie Public Radio.  If you would like to attend either one or both of these events call please call Bob Wefald at 701-223-8975.




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