To assist in the preparation for the commissioning of USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784) your USS North Dakota Committee commissioned four sets of coins celebrating highlights on NORTH DAKOTA’s journey toward commissioning.  A limited number of sterling silver coins were minted of each of the four coins and quite a few bronze coins were also minted.

AAA All four silver coins

All four coins on the reverse side have the same image of our boat against the background of the flag of the state of North Dakota as shown above.  The coins going left to right above have (1) the crest of the 1st USS NORTH DAKOTA (BB-29), (2) the crest of the 2nd USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN-784), (3) the image of Katie Fowler, our Ship’s Sponsor, and (4) the boat’s commissioning pennant.

The silver coins are sold for $100 each.  We have none of the 1st coin left to sell.  If you do have the first coin and you want to collect the entire set we have only two of the second left to sell.  We have about 60 coins left to sell of the 3rd and 4th coins.  If you have the first two silver coins now would be a good time to collect the 3rd and 4th coins to have a full set.  You can write to: USS North Dakota Committee. PO Box 1675, Bismarck ND 58505-1675.

The bronze coins are $20 each so for $80 you can collect a full bronze set of coins.  Write to that same address.



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