I am happy to introduce USS NORTH DAKOTA’s new leadership team.  With the July 23rd change of command NORTH DAKOTA’s new leadership team is in place.  Commander Michael P. Hollenbach is the Commanding Officer (CO), Lieutenant Commander Cameron M. Aljilani is the Executive Officer (XO) and Machinist Mate Weapons Master Chief Todd L. Estes is the Chief of the Boat (COB).

         Commander Hollenbach

Hollenbach blues covered R

Lieutenant Commander Aljilani

Aljilani, Cameron_LCDR_blues_covered

Master Chief Estes

Estes R

The Commanding Officer’s job is to run the entire boat and carry out the orders of our National Command Authorities.  He is responsible for the boat, its crew, its mission and its safe navigation.

The Executive Officer’s job is to carry out the orders of the Commanding Officer, supervise the administration of the boat, handle all personnel matters, make sure the daily routine of the boat is properly executed and take care of the paperwork.

The Chief of the Boat is responsible for carrying out the orders of the Commanding Officer, managing all of the enlisted personnel, making sure the daily routine and jobs of all hands is properly and timely executed, and representing the crew to the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer.

All three leaders train and exercise the entire crew making sure our boat is ready to successfully handle any task assigned.

Commander Hollenbach was raised in Washington State and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1997.  His entire career has been in submarines including tours on the USS FLORIDA (BLUE) (SSBN 728), SUBMARINE NR-1 and USS MIAMI (SSN 755).  He and his wife Sara have a son and a daughter.

Lieutenant Commander Aljilani is a native of Anaheim, California, and a graduate of California State University, Fullerton.  He received his commission from Officer Candidate School in 2001.  He has served on HELENA (SSN 725) and USS BUFFALO (SSN 715).  He and his wife Brooke have a son and a daughter.

Master Chief Estes was born in Waterbury CT, and he entered the Navy through the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL in 1992 and then completed Basic Enlisted Submarine School in Groton, CT.  He has served on USS ALBANY (SSN-753), USS ANNAPOLIS (SSN-760) and USS SPRINGFIELD (SSN-761).  He and his wife also have a son and a daughter.


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