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The Friends and Family cruise the Navy has lined up for us on boar our ship USNS CITY OF BISMARCK (T-EPF-9) can now be accessed through a Land Option tour for those who are in a good position to get to Norfolk, Virginia, without having to fly. Please click on the link below and call 701-258-5000 to join us.

USNS City of Bismarck Ship Tour_Land Only_4-2018






  • Nancy Harms

    May be a repeat- but am local so have no need for lodging. Have done the base tours, so don’t need to participate in that. But would love to attend the dinner/reception and of course the cruise. Please advise how I should proceed. And costs. Thanks
    Nancy Harms, USN (Ret)
    LCDR/Nurse Corps
    (434) 548-3460

    • bobwefald

      This should be no problem. Please call 701-258-5000 and tell them you only need the diner/reception and the cruise. Everyone will leave from the hotel on our bus and we will have to have a manifest with everyone going on the ship.

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