Photographs and Facts

The USS North Dakota SSN 784 is the first Block III VIRGINIA Class submarine and features the redesigned bow that replaces the traditional sonar sphere and 12 VLS tubes with a Large Aperture Bow Array (LAB Array) and 2 Virginia Payload Tubes (VPTs).

Construction of the USS North Dakota started in March 2009 and is 46 percent complete. Contractor General Dynamics Electric Boat is building the sub in a series of modules, which are under construction at Electric Boat (EB) inGroton,Conn.and Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) inNewport News,Va.

The first module to ship from NNS to EB will be the stern section in the fall of 2011.  The last module to ship will be the bow section in the fall of 2012.

Ship Stats

  • 377′ long
  • 34′ diameter
  • 7900 ton displacement
  • $2.6 billion construction cost
  • 33-year life (without a need to refuel)

Estimated Construction Milestones and Ceremonies

  • Keel Authentication:  May 11, 2012
  • PressureHullComplete:  January 2013
  • Launch/Christening:  July 2013
  • Sea Trials:  November 2013
  • Delivery:  January 2014
  • Commissioning:  Date will be established approximately one year prior to delivery. (Historically commissioning is scheduled to occur 3 – 4 months after the projected delivery date.)

Crew Manning

Right now, the hull is the SSN 784; there is no name associated with it until the christening or naming.  The crew will man the Precommissioning Unit (PCU) SSN 784 until christening, then the PCU North Dakota until commissioning, and finally the USS North Dakota for the next 33 years.

  • First crew increment reported November 2011 (six enlisted personnel that do advance work to prepare for the arrival of 51 personnel in the second increment two months later)
  • Officer in Charge CDR Douglas V. Gordon reported January 2012 as part of the second increment
  • Remaining crew members report in four subsequent increments July 2012-May 2013
  • 120 enlisted sailors and 15 officers will crew the sub

USS ND Keel Laying Ceremony

Click on the photo to view a slide show of the Keel Laying Ceremony photographs.


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  • Shawn Foltz

    My name is PO1 Foltz from NOSC Fargo and I am requesting a flag flown for a member and certificate made for when the member will be retiring. What are the procedures to request this? My POC is or 701-232-3689 ext. 10. Thank you.

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